The Crooked


“Yeah, I’ve been around the block. A bit of this, a bit of that. When I came across the secret underworld of monsters and magic… well… it wasn’t so different from the underworld I already knew. It was easy to find an angle, just like before.”



(pick one from each List)
Man, woman, concealed.
Hard eyes, friendly eyes, watchful eyes, smiling eyes, calculating eyes.
Street wear, tailored suit, cheap suit, tracksuit, nondescript clothes.


(pick one line)
Charm +1 Cool +1 Sharp +2 Tough 0 Weird -1
Charm -1 Cool +1 Sharp +1 Tough +2 Weird 0
Charm -1 Cool +2 Sharp +2 Tough 0 Weird -1
Charm +2 Cool +1 Sharp +1 Tough 0 Weird -1
Charm +2 Cool 0 Sharp +1 Tough -1 Weird +1


You worked a less-than-legal job before you became a monster hunter.

Hoodlum You can use Tough instead of Charm to manipulate someone with threats of violence.
Burglar When you break into a secure location, roll with Sharp. On a 10+ pick three, on a 7-9 pick two: you get in undetected, you get out undetected, you don’t leave a mess, you find what you were after.
Grifter When you are about to manipulate someone, you can ask the Keeper “What will convince this person to do what I want?” The Keeper must answer honestly, but not necessarily completely.
Fixer If you need to buy something, sell something, or hire someone, roll with Charm. On a 10+ you know just the person who will be interested. On a 7-9 you know the only person who can do it, but there’s a complication. Pick one: you owe them; they screwed you over; you screwed them over. On a miss, the only person who can help is someone who absolutely hates you.
Assassin When you take your first shot at an unsuspecting target, do +2 Harm.
Charlatan When you want people to think you are using magic, roll with Cool. On a 10 or more, your audience is amazed and fooled by your illusion. On a 7-9 you tripped up a couple of times, maybe someone will notice. You may also manipulate people with fortune telling. When you do that, ask “What are they hoping for right now?” as a free question (even on a miss).
Pickpocket When you steal something small, roll with Charm. On a 10 or more, you get it and they didn’t notice you taking it. On a 7-9 either you don’t grab it, you grab the wrong thing, or they remember you later: your choice.


You didn’t get here without making enemies. Pick at least two of these and name the people involved:

A police detective, who has made it a personal goal to put you away.
A rival from your background, who never misses a chance to screw you over.
A pissed off a well-connected criminal that’ll do whatever they can to destroy you.
Someone with special powers, a person or monster, who you took advantage of.
An old partner you betrayed in the middle of a job.


You discovered the real truth when… Pick one
The target of a job was a… vampire, werewolf, troll, reptiloid
You worked with a.. sorcerer, demon, faerie, psychic
You were hired by.. an immortal, a god/goddess, an outsider, a witch
Things went south on a job—including, but not limited to, running into… a horde of goblins, a hunger of ghouls, a dreameater, a salamander


You get all the basic moves, and choose two Crooked moves:

O Artifact You ‘found’ a magical artifact with handy powers, and kept it. Pick one: Protective amulet (1-armour magic recharge), Lucky charm (may be used as a Luck point, once only), Grimoire (studying the book gives +1 forward to use magic), Skeleton key (opens any magically sealed lock), Imp stone (A weak demon is bound to serve the holder. The imp must be summoned with the use magic move).
O Crew You have a regular crew, a team of three or four people who will help you out with pretty much anything. They count as a team (see page 119).
O Deal with the Devil You sold your soul to the Devil. Pick one or two things you got out of the deal: wealth, fame, youth, sensual gratification, skill (add +1 to two ratings). Payment is due either when you die, in six months (if you picked two things) or otherwise in a year.
O Friends on the Force You know a few cops who can be persuaded to look the other way, or do you a favour, for certain considerations. You can act under pressure to get in touch with them when you need to divert any law enforcement attention. There will be a cost, although maybe not right now.
O Made You’re “made” in a gang. Name the gang and describe how their operations tie into your background. You can call on gang members to help you out, but they’ll expect to be paid. Your bosses will have requests for you now and again, but you’ll be paid. Minor trouble will be overlooked, but you better not screw over any other made gangsters.
O Driver You have +1 ongoing while driving, plus you can hotwire anything (the older it is, the fewer tools you need to do it). You also own two handy, widely-available vehicles (perhaps a sportscar and a van).
O Home Ground Your crew made a point of keeping the locals happy – keeping them safe, ensuring things always went down okay. When you’re back in your old neighbourhood, you can always find people who will hide you or help you with a minor favour, no questions asked.
O Notorious You have a reputation from your criminal past. When you reveal who you are, your terrifying reputation counts as a reason for people to do what you ask, for the manipulate someone move. Revealing your identity to someone can create other problems later, of course.


Effective weapons (pick three):
- .22 revolver (1-harm close reload small)
- .38 revolver (2-harm close reload loud)
- 9mm (2-harm close loud)
- Shotgun (3-harm close messy)
- Hunting rifle (2-harm far loud)
- Big knife (1-harm hand)
- Baseball bat (1-harm hand)
- Submachinegun (2-harm close reload auto)
- Assault rifle (3-harm close/far auto)
O Unstable
Improvements Advanced Improvements
- Get +1 Sharp, max +3 - Get +1 to any rating, max +3.
- Get +1 Tough, max +2 - Change this hunter to a new type.
- Get +1 Cool, max +2 - Create a second hunter to play as well as this one.
- Get +1 Charm, max +2 - Mark two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Take another Crooked move - Mark another two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Take another Crooked move - Retire this hunter to safety.
- Gain an ally: one of your old crew. - Erase one used luck mark from your playbook.
- Recover a stash of money from the old days, enough to live without care… for a year or two.
- Take a move from another playbook
- Take a move from another playbook


(Pick one for each of the other hunters in the group)
- This hunter knows about your criminal past. Tell them what crimes they saw you commit.
- This hunter was there when you decided to give up the life and hunt monsters instead. Work out together what happened.
- This hunter is your younger sibling or child (possibly adopted). You look out for them.
- This hunter is a cousin or more distant relative.
- This hunter saved your life when a monster had the drop on you. Now you owe them one.
- This hunter worked with you on a semi-legal or illegal job. Work out what it was.
- This hunter is your moral compass. When you talk over things with them, their advice keeps you on the straight and narrow.
- You’re powerfully attracted to this hunter. Maybe someday you’ll deserve them.

The Crooked

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