The Chosen


Your birth was prophesied. You are the Chosen One, and with your abilities you can save the world. If you fail, all will be destroyed. It all rests on you. Only you.



(Pick one from each List)
Man, woman, boy, girl, androgynous.
Fresh face, haggard face, young face, haunted face, hopeful face, controlled face.
Preppy clothes, casual wear, urban wear, normal clothes, neat clothes, street wear.


(pick one line)
Charm+2 Cool-1 Sharp+1 Tough+2 Weird-1
Charm-1 Cool+2 Sharp+1 Tough+2 Weird-1
Charm+1 Cool+2 Sharp+1 Tough+1 Weird-1
Charm-1 Cool+1 Sharp+2 Tough-1 Weird+2
Charm+1 Cool+2 Sharp-1 Tough-1 Weird+2


You get to decide what sort of fate is in store for you. Pick how you found out about your fate, from the list below. Whenever you use a point of Luck, the Keeper will throw something from your fate at you

How You Found Out (pick one) Heroic tags (pick two) Doom tags (pick two)
- Nightmares and visions - Sacrifice - Death
- Some weirdo told you - You are the Champion - You can’t save everyone
- An ancient cult found you - Visions - Impossible love
- Sought out by your nemesis - Secret training - Failure
- Attacked by monsters - Magical powers - A nemesis
- Trained from birth - Mystical inheritance - No normal life
- You found the prophecy - A normal life - Loss of loved ones
- True love - Treachery
- You can save the world - Doubt
- Hidden allies - Sympathy with the enemy
- The end of monsters - Damnation
- Divine help - Hosts of monsters
- The end of days
- The source of Evil


All basic moves plus there Chosen moves, These two:

Destiny’s Plaything: At the beginning of each mystery, roll with Weird to see what is revealed about your immediate future. On a 10+, the Keeper will reveal a useful detail about the coming mystery. On a 7-9 you get a vague hint about it. On a miss, something bad is going to happen to you.
I’m Here For A Reason: There’s something you are destined to do. Work out the details with the Keeper, based on your fate. You cannot die until it comes to pass. If you die in play, then you must spend a Luck point. You will then, somehow, recover or be returned to life. Once your task is done (or you use up all your Luck), all bets are off.

Then chose one:

O The Big Entrance: When you make a showy entrance into a dangerous situation, roll with Cool. On 10+ everyone stops to watch and listen until you finish your opening speech. On a 7-9, you pick one person or monster to stop, watch and listen until you finish talking. On a miss, you’re marked as the biggest threat by all enemies who are present.
O Devastating: When you inflict harm, you may inflict +1 harm.
O Dutiful: When your fate rears its ugly head, and you act in accordance with any of your fate tags (either heroic or doom) then mark experience. If it’s a heroic tag, take +1 forward.
O Invincible: You always count as having 2-armour. This doesn’t stack with other protection.
O Resilience: You heal faster than normal people. Any time your harm gets healed, heal an extra point. Additionally, your wounds count as 1-harm less for the purpose of the Keeper’s harm moves.


You can have protective gear worth 1-armour, if you want it.

You have a special weapon you are destined to wield.

Form (pick 1) Business-end (pick 3) Material (pick 1)
staff (1-harm hand/close) artifact (add the “magic” tag) “steel”
haft (2-harm hand heavy) spikes (+1 harm, add the “messy” tag) “cold iron”
handle (1-harm hand balanced) blade (+1 harm) “silver
chain (1-harm hand area) heavy (+1 harm) “wood”
long (add the “close” tag) “stone”
throwable (add the “close” tag) “bone”
chain (add the “area” tag) “teeth”
O Unstable


Improvements Advanced Improvements
- Get +1 Charm, max +3 - Get +1 to any rating, max +3.
- Get +1 Cool, max +3 - Change this hunter to a new type.
- Get +1 Sharp, max +3 - Create a second hunter to play as well as this one.
- Get +1 Tough, max +3 - Mark two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Get +1 Weird, max +3 - Mark another two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Take another Chosen move - Retire this hunter to safety.
- Take another Chosen move - Delete one of your Doom tags, and (optionally) one
of your Heroic tags. You have changed that aspect of
your destiny.
- Gain an ally
- Take a move from another playbook
- Take a move from another playbook


(Pick one of these for each other hunter)
- You are close blood relations. Ask them exactly how close.
- They are destined to be your mentor. Tell them how this was revealed.
- Your best friend in the world, who you trust totally.
- A rival at first, but you came to a working arrangement.
- Romantic entanglement, or fated to be romantically entangled.
- Just friends, from school or work or something. Ask them what.
- They could have been the Chosen One instead of you, but they failed some trial. Tell them how they failed.
- You saved their life, back when they didn’t know monsters were real. Tell them what you saved them from.

The Chosen

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