The Initiate


Since the dawn of history, we have been the bulwark against Darkness. We know the Evils of the world, and we stand against them so that the mass of humanity need not fear. We are the Flame that cleanses the Shadows.



(pick one from each List)
Man, woman, masked, concealed.
Hardened body, tattooed body, agile body, strong body, thin body, angular body, hunched body.
Archaic clothes, unfashionable clothes, ceremonial clothes, mismatched clothes, formal clothes.


(pick one line)
Charm-1 Cool+1 Sharp=0 Tough+1 Weird+2
Charm=0 Cool+1 Sharp+1 Tough-1 Weird+2
Charm-1 Cool=0 Sharp-1 Tough+2 Weird+2
Charm+1 Cool-1 Sharp+1 Tough=0 Weird+2
Charm=0 Cool=0 Sharp=0 Tough+1 Weird+2


You are part of an ancient, secret order that slays monsters. Where are they from? How old are they? Are they religious? Why do they stay secret? How do they recruit? You also need to pick the Sect’s traditions (these will be used by the Keeper to determine the Sect’s methods and actions):

Good Traditions (pick two) Bad Traditions (pick one)
Knowledgeable Dubious motives
Ancient lore Tradition-bound
Magical lore Short-sighted
Fighting arts Paranoid and secretive
Modernised Closed hierarchy
Chapters everywhere Factionalised
Secular power Strict laws
Flexible tactics Mystical oaths
Open hierarchy Total obedience
Integrated in society Tyrannical leaders
Rich Obsolete gear
Nifty gadgets Poor
Magical items


You get all of the basic moves, plus four Initiate moves. You get this one:

When you are in good standing with your Sect, at the beginning of each mystery, roll with Charm. On a 10+ they provide some useful info or help in the field. On a 7-9 you get a mission associated with the mystery, and if you do it you’ll get some info or help too. On a miss, they ask you to do something bad. If you fail a mission or refuse an order, you’ll be in trouble with the Sect until you atone.

Then pick three of these:

O Ancient Fighting Arts When using an old-fashioned hand weapon, you inflict +1 harm and get +1 whenever you roll protect someone.
O Mystic Every time you successfully use magic, take +1 forward.
O Fortunes The Sect has ancient prophecies or divination techniques to predict the future. Once per mystery, you may use them. If you look at what the future holds, roll with Weird. On a 10+ hold 3, and on a 7-9 hold 1. On a miss, you get bad information and the Keeper decides how that affects you. Spend your hold to: have a useful object ready. be somewhere you are needed, just in time. take +1 forward, or give +1 forward to another hunter. retroactively warn someone about an attack, so that it doesn’t happen.
O Sacred Oath You may bind yourself to a single goal, forsaking something during your quest (e.g. speech, all sustenance but bread and water, alcohol, lying, sex, etc). Get the Keeper’s agreement on this—it should match the goal in importance and difficulty. While you keep your oath and work towards your goal, mark experience at the end of every session and get +1 on any rolls that directly help achieve the goal. If you break the oath, take -1 ongoing until you have atoned.
O Mentor You have a mentor in the Sect: name them. When you contact your mentor for info, roll with Sharp. On a 10+, you get an answer to your question, no problem. On a 7-9 you choose: they’re either busy and can’t help, or they answer the question but you owe a favour. On a miss, your question causes trouble.
O Apprentice You have an apprentice: name them. Your job is to teach them the Sect’s ways. They count as an ally: subordinate (motivation: to follow your instructions to the letter).
O Helping Hand When you successfully help out another hunter, they get +2 instead of the usual +1.
O That Old Black Magic When you use magic, you can ask a question from the investigate a mystery move as your effect.


If the Sect has fighting arts or obsolete gear, then pick three old-fashioned weapons. If the Sect has modernized or nifty gadgets, you may pick two modern weapons. Otherwise, pick two old-fashioned weapons and one modern weapon.

You also get old-fashioned armour (1-armour heavy).

Old-fashioned weapons (pick as above): Modern weapons (pick as above):
- Sword (2-harm hand messy) - .38 revolver (2-harm close reload loud)
- Axe (2-harm hand messy) - 9mm (2-harm close loud)
- Big sword (3-harm hand messy heavy) - Sniper rifle (3-harm far)
- Big axe (3-harm hand messy slow heavy) - Magnum (3-harm close reload loud)
- Silver knife (1-harm hand silver) - Shotgun (3-harm close messy)
- Fighting sticks (1-harm hand quick)
- Spear (2-harm hand/close)
- Mace (2-harm hand messy)
- Crossbow (2-harm close slow)
O Unstable


Improvements Advanced Improvements
- Get +1 Weird, max +3 - Get +1 to any rating, max +3.
- Get +1 Cool, max +2 - Change this hunter to a new type.
- Get +1 Sharp, max +2 - Create a second hunter to play as well as this one.
- Get +1 Tough, max +2 - Mark two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Take another Initiate move - Mark another two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Take another Initiate move - Retire this hunter to safety.
- Get command of your chapter of the Sect - Become the leader, or effective leader, of the whole Sect.
- Get a Sect team under your command
- Take a move from another playbook
- Take a move from another playbook


(Pick one of these for each other hunter)
- They are a lay member of your Sect.
- You fought together when the tide of monsters seemed unstoppable. Ask them how it went.
- Friends, but they first met you under your cover identity, and learned about the Sect later. Ask how they feel about that.
- They are your close relative, or partner/spouse. Decide between you exactly what the relationship is.
- Fellow ancient weapons/martial arts club members.
- They’re described in the prophecies, but the role they will play isn’t stated.
- An ex-member of the Sect, but still friends. Ask them why they left or got thrown out
- You met researching mystical weirdness, and you’ve been occult comrades ever since.

The Initiate

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