The Monstrous


I feel the hunger, the lust to destroy. But I fight it: I never give in. I’m not human any more, not really, but I have to protect those who still are. That way I can tell myself I’m different to the other monsters. Sometimes I can even believe it.



(pick one from each List)
Man, woman, mysterious, transgressive.
Sinister aura, powerful aura, dark aura, unnerving aura, energetic aura, evil aura, bestial aura.
Archaic clothes, casual clothes, ragged clothes, tailored clothes, stylish clothes, street clothes, outdoor clothes.


(pick one line)
Charm-1 Cool-1 Sharp=0 Tough+2 Weird+3
Charm-1 Cool+1 Sharp+1 Tough=0 Weird+3
Charm+2 Cool=0 Sharp-1 Tough-1 Weird+3
Charm-2 Cool+2 Sharp=0 Tough=0 Weird+3
Charm=0 Cool-1 Sharp+2 Tough-1 Weird+3


You’re half-human, half-monster: decide if you were always this way or if you you were originally human and transformed somehow.
Decide if you were always fighting to be good, or if you were evil and changed sides.
Create the monster you want to be: whatever you choose defines your breed in the game.

Curses (pick one)

Feed: You must subsist on living humans—it might take the form of blood, brains, or spiritual essence but it must be from people. You need to act under pressure to resist feeding whenever a perfect opportunity presents itself.
Vulnerability: Pick a substance. You suffer +1 harm when you suffer harm from it. If you are bound or surrounded by it, you must act under pressure to use your powers.
Pure Drive: One emotion rules you. Pick from: hunger, hate, anger, fear, jealousy, greed, joy, pride, envy, lust, or cruelty. Whenever you have a chance to indulge that emotion, you must do so immediately, or act under pressure to resist.
Dark Master: You have an evil lord who doesn’t know you changed sides. They still give you orders, and they do not tolerate refusal. Or failure.

Natural Attacks

Pick a Base and add an extra to it, or two Bases.

Base (pick at least one) Extra
teeth (3-harm intimate) Add +1 harm to a base
claws (2-harm hand) Add ignore-armour to a base
magical force (1-harm magical close) Add an extra range to a base (add intimate, hand, or close).
life-drain (1-harm intimate life-drain)


You get all the basic moves, plus pick two Monstrous moves:

O Immortal You do not age or sicken, and whenever you suffer harm you suffer 1-harm less.
O Unnatural Appeal Roll with Weird instead of with Charm when you manipulate someone.
O Unholy Strength Roll with Weird instead of with Tough when you kick some ass.
O Incorporeal You may move freely through solid objects (but not people).
O Preternatural Speed You go much faster than normal people. When you chase, flee, or run take +1 ongoing.
O Claws of the Beast All your natural attacks get +1 harm.
O Mental Dominion When you gaze into a normal human’s eyes and exert your will over them, roll with Charm. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. You may spend your hold to give them an order. Regular people will follow your order, whatever it is. Hunters can choose whether they do it or not. If they do, they mark experience.
O Unquenchable Vitality When you have taken harm, you can heal yourself. Roll with Cool. On a 10+, heal 2-harm and stabilise your injuries. On a 7-9, heal 1-harm and stabilise your injuries. On a miss, your injuries worsen.
O Dark Negotiator You can use the manipulate someone move on monsters as well as people, if they can reason and talk.
O Flight You can fly.
O Shapeshifter You may change your form (usually into an animal). Decide if you have just one alternate form or several, and detail them. You gain +1 to investigate a mystery when using an alternate form’s superior senses (e.g. smell for a wolf, sight for an eagle).
O Something Borrowed Take a move from a hunter playbook that is not currently in play.


Handy weapon (If you want, you can take one)
- .38 revolver (2-harm close reload loud)
- 9mm (2-harm close loud)
- Magnum (3-harm close reload loud)
- Shotgun (3-harm close messy)
- Big knife (1-harm hand)
- Brass knuckles (1-harm hand quiet small)
- Sword (2-harm hand messy)
- Huge sword (3-harm hand heavy)
O Unstable


Improvements Advanced Improvements
- Get +1 Charm, max +2 - Get +1 to any rating, max +3.
- Get +1 Cool, max +2 - Change this hunter to a new type.
- Get +1 Sharp, max +2 - Create a second hunter to play as well as this one.
- Get +1 Tough, max +2 - Mark two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Take another Monstrous move - Mark another two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Take another Monstrous move - Retire this hunter to safety.
- Gain a haven, like the Expert has, with two options - Free yourself from the curse of your kind. Your curse no longer applies, but you lose 1 Weird.
- Take a natural attacks pick - You turn evil (again). Retire this character, they become one of the Keeper’s threats.
- Take a move from another playbook
- Take a move from another playbook


(Pick one of these for each other hunter)
- You lost control one time, and almost killed them. Ask them how they stopped you.
- They tried to slay you, but you proved you’re on the side of good. Ask them what convinced them.
- You are romantically obsessed with them. Ask them if they know, and if they reciprocate.
- Close relations, or a distant descendant. Tell them which.
- You saved them from another of your kind, and prevented reprisals against that individual creature (maybe it’s another good one, or maybe it has a hold over you).
- They are tied to your curse or origin. Tell them how.
- You fought together against the odds, and prevailed.
- They saved you from another hunter who was prepared to kill you. Ask them what happened.

The Monstrous

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