The Mundane


You heard about how monsters only pick on people with crazy powers who can fight back on even terms? Yeah, me neither. But, hell, I ended up in this monster-hunting team so I gotta do what I can, right?



(pick one from each List)
Man, woman, boy, girl, androgynous, concealed.
Friendly face, alluring face, laughing face, trustworthy face, average face, serious face, sensual face.
Normal clothes, casual clothes, goth clothes, sporty clothes, work clothes, street clothes, nerdy clothes.


(pick one line)
Charm+2 Cool+1 Sharp=0 Tough+1 Weird-1
Charm+2 Cool-1 Sharp+1 Tough+1 Weird=0
Charm+2 Cool=0 Sharp-1 Tough+1 Weird+1
Charm+2 Cool=0 Sharp+1 Tough+1 Weird-1
Charm+2 Cool+1 Sharp+1 Tough=0 Weird-1


O Always The Victim When another hunter uses protect someone to protect you, they mark experience. Whenever a monster captures you, you mark experience.
O Oops! If you want to stumble across something important, tell the Keeper. You will find something important and useful, although not necessarily related to your immediate problems.
O Let’s Get Out Of Here! If you can protect someone by telling them what to do, or by leading them out, roll with Charm instead of with Tough.
O Panic Button When you need to escape, name the route you’ll try and roll with Sharp. On a 10+ you’re out of danger, no problem. On a 7-9 you can go or stay, but if you go it’s going to cost you (you leave something behind or something comes with you). On a miss, you are caught halfway out.
O The Power of Heart When fighting a monster, if you help someone, don’t roll with Cool. You automatically help as though you’d rolled a 10.
O Trust Me When you tell a normal person the truth in order to protect them from danger, roll with Charm. On a 10+ they’ll do what you say they should, no questions asked. On a 7-9 they do it, but the Keeper chooses one from:
- They ask you a hard question first.
- They stall and dither a while.
- They have a “better” idea.
On a miss, they’re going to think you’re crazy and maybe dangerous too.
O What Could Go Wrong? Whenever you charge into immediate danger without hedging your bets, hold 2. You may spend your hold to:
- Inflict +1 harm.
- Reduce someone’s harm suffered by 1.
- Take +2 forward on an act under pressure roll.
O Don’t Worry, I’ll Check It Out Whenever you go off by yourself to check out somewhere (or something) scary, mark experience.


Mundane weapons (pick two): Means of transport (pick one):
- Golf club, baseball bat, cricket bat, or hockey stick (2-harm hand innocuous – messy) - Skateboard
- Pocket knife or multitool (1-harm hand useful small) - Bicycle
- Small handgun (2-harm close loud reload) - Fairly new car in decent condition
- Hunting rifle (3-harm far loud reload) - Classic car in terrible condition
- Sledge-hammer or fire axe (3-harm hand messy) - Motorcycle
- Nunchucks (2-harm hand area) - Van
O Unstable


Improvements Advanced Improvements
- Get +1 Charm, max +3 - Get +1 to any rating, max +3.
- Get +1 Cool, max +2 - Change this hunter to a new type.
- Get +1 Sharp, max +2 - Create a second hunter to play as well as this one.
- Get +1 Tough, max +2 - Mark two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Take another Mundane move - Mark another two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Take another Mundane move - Retire this hunter to safety.
- Get back one used Luck point - Get back one used Luck point.
- Get back one used Luck point - Get back one used Luck point.
- Take a move from another playbook
- Take a move from another playbook


(Pick one of these for each other hunter)
- You are close relations. Tell them exactly how you’re related.
- Initially rivals, you both now respect each others’ talents.
- Romantically involved, or you just have a crush on them. Ask them which they prefer.
- They’re your hero, exactly the kind of monster hunter you aspire to be. Tell them why you worship them.
- Good friends. Tell them if it’s from way back, or recently.
- You’re a bit suspicious of them (maybe due to their unnatural powers or something like that).
- They introduced you to the existence of monsters. Tell them how you feel about that.
- You saved their life from a monster due to an unlikely chain of events. Tell them what.

The Mundane

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